What to Expect When You Start Drug Addiction Rehab

What to Expect When You Start Drug Addiction Rehab

What to Expect When You Start Drug Addiction Rehab

Entering drug addiction rehab can be a terrifying experience for many. You might be wondering what you can expect during the process of starting addiction treatment so here, we’ve included a step-by-step guide on how it generally works.

Drug Addiction Rehab: The First Steps

Upon admission, you will be assessed for your physical and mental health. Therapists and counselors need to determine and understand the nature of your addiction. By answering questions truthfully, you can help the addiction specialists recommend a treatment plan customized just for you. This assessment phase is extremely important. Some people may be suffering from a mental disorder like depression along with their addiction. Others might have a health problem that must be considered during the treatment process. Naturally, you will have questions and concerns during this initial phase that staff can also address.

Medical Drug Detox

Treatment for drug or alcohol addiction usually begins with medical detoxification. During the drug detox process, you will be carefully weaned from your addictive substance. The primary substance, as well as the nature of your health, will help determine whether the detox process should be rapid or attempted more slowly. During this phase, you may experience some withdrawal symptoms. The nature of these symptoms is associated with their particular abused substance(s). Some substances, like opiates and alcohol, may bring on severe withdrawal symptoms while a drug like cannabis might lead to more mild withdrawal symptoms.

As you experience withdrawal symptoms, medical caregivers will administer treatments in order to lessen their intensity. Throughout the process, you will be monitored so that if and when any complications arise, they can be dealt with immediately by trained healthcare professionals. You should never try to detox at home as severe withdrawal symptoms can lead to seizures or other complications that can be life-threatening. By ensuring that you are made as comfortable as possible, drug addiction rehab staff can typically ward off any complications before they occur.

What Happens After Drug Detox?

Medical detox targets the physical dependency on drugs or alcohol. It does not treat the psychological or behavioral components of addiction, which are just as powerful. After drug detox, you will participate in individual and group counseling sessions. During these treatments, therapists will help you find new strategies for coping with the triggers that led you to abuse drugs as well as ways to help them ward off relapse. Depending on the recommended treatment plan, you may choose to participate in their treatment sessions via an inpatient drug rehab or, alternatively, outpatient drug rehab.

Aftercare and Alternative Treatment Therapies

Once intensive therapy ceases, aftercare programs can continue to provide you with support. Recovery is a long-term process and programs like Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous can offer you additional help as you strive to remain sober. Most of the programs we work with also offer active alumni groups that offer immense addiction support options. Alternative addiction treatment plans like art therapy or restorative yoga can also enhance the recovery process and help reduce the risk of relapse.

If you or your loved one is about to enter drug addiction rehab, these are among the most common aspects of substance abuse treatment you will experience. Each phase will lead you further toward the substance-free life you crave. If you would like to know more about treatment options that would be more specific to your situation, call us today at (877) 968-6283 to get started.

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